Minivator 303 Reclining Bath Lift

The Minivator bath lift gives you the power to
chose your preferred bathing postion.

The Minivator 303 lightweight hand control has
a rechargable battery sealed inside, making it
safe and easy to use.

. A visible alert will remind you to recharge
the unit.
. Recharging is easy – simply disconnect the hand
control and recharge overnight.
. It is safe to use in the bath and is fully

. The ergonomic tactile control buttons make
operation easy.

. Easy release suction pads allow you to postion
the hand control on a convenient smooth surface.

Strength with Stabilty

The seat is supported by a strong, rustproof,
stainless steel frame. It can safetly support
bathers up to 21 stone (135kgs)