Micro balance 3



The new Micro balance 3-wheel portable scooter with magnetic stabiliser wheel technology, giving you increased stability and outstanding manoeuvrability in tight situations. The self-centering magnetic wheels come into contact with

The ground when cornering, making all the difference to the stability and helping you feel totally in control. Angled foot supports provide exceptional legroom and offer outstanding levels of comfort and an optimum seating position.

The Micro balance is lightweight, with a two piece chassis and safety locking-pin mechanism designed to disassemble with ease and fit comfortably into most car boots.

It also features cleverly designed support cradles that make it easy to store in an upright position.


  • Comfortable padded seat and arm rests
  • Plenty of leg room for knees and hips to relax
  • Easy to use controls with comfortable handgrips
  • Self-centering magnetic stabilisers
  • Removable battery with carrying case
  • Rear bumper supports for vertical storage and ease of dismantle
  • Front basket
  • 18 stone rider capacity
  • 12 amp batteries
  • Estimated range 6 miles